Ork Street Samurai


Caliban (Ork)
B 7, A 4/6, R 4/6, S 6/8, C 3, I 3, L 3/4, W 3, E 1, Ess 1.79, Init 7/9, IP 1/3
Condition Monitor boxes (Physical/Stun): 12/10
Hermes Ikon Commlink Condition Monitor: 10
Armor (Ballistic/Impact): 15/13
Skills: Athletics Group 3, Automatics 4 (Submachine Guns +2), Blades 5, Dodge 5, Electronics Group 1, Firearms Group 4, Infiltration 1, Influence Group 3, Perception 1, Pilot Ground Craft 2, Unarmed Combat 1
Knowledge Skills: Corporate Politics 3, Current Trends 3, English 6, Fine Cuisine 1, Gangs 2, Or’Zet N, Security Design 3
Metatype Abilities: Enhanced Senses: Low-Light Vision
Qualities: Allergy, Common (Mild): Plastic, Amnesia (Partial), Big Regret, Flashbacks (Common trigger): See GM (6dicepool (3)), Mysterious Implant: Unknown (1)
   Cyberears (Alphaware) (1) with Damper (Alphaware), Ear Recording Unit (Alphaware), Sound Link (Alphaware)
   Cybereyes (2) with Eye Recording Unit, Flare Compensation, Image Link, Low-Light Vision, Smartlink, Vision Enhancement (2)
   Internal Air Tank (Alphaware)
   Wired Reflexes (Alphaware) (2)
   Bone Density Augmentation (3)
   Cerebral Booster (1)
   Muscle Augmentation (2)
   Muscle Toner (2)
   Platelet Factories
   Actioneer Business Clothes
   Agent (4)
   Fallback Identity with Fake SIN, Squatter Lifestyle
   First with Fake SIN, Street Lifestyle
   Hermes Ikon Commlink with Analyze (4), Browse (4), Command (2), Edit (4), Novatech Navi Operating System, Pro User Suite
   Medkit (5)
   Second with Fake SIN, Street Lifestyle
   Ares HVAR [Assault Rifles, DV 5P vs. B, SA/BF/BF-Lx2/FA, RC 5, 50 ©] with Rigid Stock, Shock Pad, Smartgun System, Internal
   Hammerli 620S [Pistols, DV 4P vs. B, SA, RC 2, 6 ©] with Gas-Vent 1 System, Smartgun System, Internal
   HK-227X [Submachine Guns, DV 5P vs. B, SA/BF/BF-L/FA, RC 2, 28 ©] with Folding Stock, Smartgun System, Internal, Sound Suppressor
   Attack of Will (vs. Spirits) [DV 3P vs. I]
   Ceramic Knife [Blades, DV 5P vs. I] with Ceramic/Plasteel Components (Level 1)
   Katana [Blades, DV 7P vs. I-1, Reach 1]
   Unarmed Strike [Unarmed, DV 6P vs. I]
   Flash-Bang Grenade x2 [Grenades, DV 6S, 10m R vs. I-3, RC 1]
   Regular Ammo (Heavy Pistol) x500 [DV – vs. B, RC 1]
   Thermal Smoke Grenade [Grenades, DV Th. Smoke, 10m R, RC 1]


The heavy hitter of Sigma Squad, Caliban is something of a contradiction. Erudite, well dressed and generally polite, he does not give the appearance of a ruthless killer. If half the rumors about Sigma Squad are true, it would be unwise to fall for the front.

Entered Renraku’s elite security forces with a (faked) reccomendation from a mercenary unit. A combination of uncanny charm for a “sec-drone”, skill and focused ambition quickly saw him rising through the ranks. Eventually, he “disappeared” from the normal ranks and began to work exclusively with Sigma Squad.

Caliban has very refined tastes. He seeks out the best of the best for everything in his life. To be clear, prices often, but not always, an indicator of quality.

He has no long term romantic involvements. They do not work well with his line of work. However, he has several women that he has dated sporatically over the years.


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