Character Generation Rules

Required Negative Qualities

Certain negative qualities will be possessed by all players at all times during the campaign. These will change over time, but at all times equate to 20 points of negative qualities. At the start of the campaign, these are:

  • Amnesia (+10 pt) from Runner’s Companion
  • Flashbacks (+10 pt) from Runner’s Companion


  • Shadowrun 4th Edition – 20th Anniversary Edition
  • Arsenal
  • Augmentation
  • Runner’s Companion
  • Street Magic
  • Unwired


All characters are assumed to start the game with no gear that isn’t internal to their body. So BioWare and CyberWare, but no guns, armor, drones, decks, etc.

By using one point of Current Edge at the start of the campaign, you can have a weapon, and a suit of armor.

By using two points of Current Edge at the start of the campaign, you can have access to all of your equipment at the start of the game.

House Rules

  • Speed skills in Shadowrun, no one can start with more than +2 initiative passes.
  • Aspects can be tagged if you placed them as a free point of Edge.

Types of Runs

  • Breaking & Entering
  • Courier Runs
  • Datasteals
  • Extractions
  • Hooding
  • Smuggling
  • Structure Hits
  • Tailchasers
  • Wetwork

Character Generation Rules

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