The Flashbacks quality causes a character to experience vivid memory-based sensory hallucinations. These flashbacks are always triggered by specific stimuli. For example, a character that was tor-tured by a corporate interrogator might experience flashbacks of the torture whenever she sees the corp’s logo. Any time a character with Flashbacks encounters a potential flashback trigger, she must make a Willpower + Intuition (3) Test.

If the test fails, a flashback occurs and incapacitates the character for 1D6 minutes. The char-acter cannot take any useful action during that time. Players whose characters have the Flashback quality should confer with the gamemaster to devise an appropriate Flashback trigger before beginning play.

The trigger condition can be a particular sight, smell, sound, taste, idea and so on. The condition should be something that the character will encounter a few times during a game. If the trigger is too common, the character may end up experiencing Flashbacks all the time.

If it is too rare, the character may never experience any. For 5 BP, the trigger is relatively uncommon; something the character will encounter once every few weeks. For 10 BP, the trigger is relatively common; something that would be encountered at least once per adventure.


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