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The GM (Tim) will be keeping all characters in Hero Lab as the official record. For initial character generation, just build the character and record him/her in the character section. After that, for any Karma spends, let Tim know and he’ll handle keeping the Crunch side of your sheets up to date.


House Rules

  • We are borrowing the concept of aspects from Spirit of the Century.
    • To create or discover an aspect, you will perform the Maneuver action, which is a Simple Action. Most maneuvers are extended tests, though some must succeed or fail wholly in the moment.
    • Tagging an Aspect grants a point of Edge which may be used however Edge can be used.
  • Tracking ammo is to pedantic, even for me. You will be assumed to carry sufficient ammunition at all times, and your ¥ rewards will be lowered slightly in compensation for this. Abuse of this will result in your character being eaten by a Dragon.


Main Page

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